Phone Numbers

Birch Grove Primary

6071 Smith Ave., Newark, CA 94560


Mrs. Colleen Gainey, Principal



Main Office Line:



To call in an absence:



Fax Number:



Child Care Facility:



Birch Grove Intermediate

37490 Birch St., Newark, CA 94560


Ms. Cathreene Ingham-Watters, Principal



Main Office Line: 


To call in an absence:



Fax Number:



Child Care Facility:


Office Hours

Monday to Thursday




Sangha App



The folks at Sangha have just launched a new Parents Self Serve Signup.

Just click on this Signup link and enter our School Code: 738PR1

How it works
Once you sign up on the self serve page, you will receive an email invitation from Sangha with easy instructions.
If you don't see the email invite, check other places it might be in your Junk, Spam, Social, Promotions, or other email Folders.
(If you've signed up before and haven't seen the invitation from Sangha, they've been sent out twice this Fall, so check those folders.)

Healthy School

Healthy Schools Act AB2260

The Healthy Schools Act establishes requirements for school districts when pesticide applications are made at California public K-12 schools. To view the California Healthy School Act and the Integrated Pest Management Plan (new requirement) for Newark Unified School District, go to http://nusd.ca.schoolloop.com. Click on the quick link , Healthy Schools Act. This information is also available for viewing at your school’s office.


Attention Parents!

An electronic version of our School Accountability Report Card (SARC) is available on Newark Unified School District's website hereIn addition, a paper copy is available in our school office for your review.


Parent Teacher Club

Our Parent Teacher Club (PTC) has its own webpage! Click below to see upcoming events, fundraisers, and visit our online store for the latest Birch Grove gear!




All visitors to the Birch Grove School Campus' must stop by the office and sign in during the school day!  This is for your child’s safety as well as yours.  In case of an emergency situation all need to be accounted for.  The sign-in binder is in the office on the counter along with our 'Apple' visitor stickers.  If you need to get something to your child, let the office staff help you.  We will contact your child’s teacher to get the item to them.  Please do not disturb the classroom while they are in session.


If your child misses school, it is very important to either call or send a note indicating why your child was out.  Parents/Guardians will have three (3) school days to clear an absence. If proper verification is not provided within three (3) school days, the absence will be recorded as unexcused (NUSD AR 5113) and can not be changed.

7th Grade Shots

Requirements for entrance to 7th grade:

1.  The 3rd shot for Hep B

2.  Tdap Immunization – (Whooping cough shot)

3.  Proof of Immunization for both of these shots.

Rules from the junior high:


If you have any questions,

please call the Jr. High

at 510-818-3005.

“To prevent delayed enrollment/class placement at the Jr. High, families should begin contacting their physicians prior to the end of the 2015-2016 school year for vaccine and/or verification of injection.  Bunker 6th graders can turn in the updated immunization records to Sandra in the Bunker office.”

Safety First

Students, if you ride your bike to school, please walk your bike on the sidewalk if there are many cars driving on the street. We want you to be safe as you come to school each day.


In the interest of preserving instructional time, we do not interrupt classes for deliveries or messages during class.  However, we realize that there are times that parents need to get a missing class assignment or lunch to their children.


We have a plan for lunches in place; our campus monitors take the lunch to the cafeteria and deliver them to the students at lunch time.


For those other items (homework, backpacks, etc.) that you would appreciate being delivered to your child, we will place the item in your child’s teacher’s mailbox for them to pick up at recess or lunch.


Thank you for your understanding and helping us to make sure that instruction can go on uninterrupted during the day here at Birch Grove.


Bunker Elementary and Milani Elementary

are now

Birch Grove Primary and Intermediate Elementary Schools


Digital Academy of Arts and Sciences


Birch Grove Primary, TK-2 Grade Campus,

6071 Smith Ave.

8:25-2:47 Monday-Thursday, 8:25-1:20 Friday

Breakfast Program starts at 7:45


Birch Grove Intermediate, 3-6 Grade Campus,

37490 Birch St.

8:10-2:32 Monday-Thursday, 8:10-1:05 Friday

Breakfast Program starts at 7:30



The Halloween parade will be Monday, Oct. 31, 2016. STUDENTS SHOULD WEAR THEIR COSTUMES TO SCHOOL. Teachers will not have time to assist with make-up or any other aspect of your student’s costume so please be sure your student is “parade ready” when arriving at school. Parents may meet on the blacktop to view the parade. Parents who are attending parades at both campuses are encouraged to walk between the two campuses or park on Birch St. due to limited parking in the lots.


Parade @ Birch Grove Primary Campus (K-2): 8:40 am

Parade @ Birch Grove Intermediate Campus (3-6): 9:40 am




  • Students will be changing out of their costumes after the parade so please send a bag to school for their costumes; students must be able to change by themselves. Teachers will not be able to help.

  • DO NOT congregate in the courtyards or in the direct line of the parade. Meet on the blacktop.

  • Please be sure your child’s costume is in good taste- no blood or gore, this could scare the younger children!



  • NO WEAPONS OR FACSIMILES OF WEAPONS (guns, swords, daggers, etc.)

  • NO MASKS of any kind

  • NO clown costumes

  • No electronic devices -i.e. boom boxes, radios, CD players

  • No wheeled transportation-scooters, roller blades, wheelies, roller skates, etc.


Thank you for your cooperation and have a safe Halloween!





El desfile de Halloween será el Lunes, 31 de Octubre LOS ESTUDIANTES DEBERÁN  DE VENIR A LA ESCUELA DISFRAZADOS, Los maestros NO tendrán tiempo para  asistir con maquillaje o cualquier otro aspecto de los disfraces de los estudiantes, así que por favor esté seguro de que su estudiante esté “listo para el desfile”cuando llegue a la escuela. Los padres se pueden juntar en la zona negra para observar el desfile.Animamos a los padres que van a atender los desfiles en las dos escuelas que caminén entre las dos o que parqueen en la Calle BIrch debido al parqueo limitado.


Desfile del Campus Birch Grove Primaria (K-2nd):       8:40a.m.

Desfile del Campus Birch Grove Intermedio (3rd-6th) : 9:40a.m.




  • Los estudiantes se cambiaran sus disfraces después del desfile así que por favor manden una bolsa para sus disfraces.Los estudiantes deben de poderse cambiar ellos solos. Los maestros no podrán ayudarlos.  

  • Por favor NO se congreguen en los patios ni  en la línea del desfile. Reúnanse en la zona negra

  • Favor asegúrese de que el disfraz de su niño/a es de buen gusto- no sangre o que sea sangriento.



  • NO ARMAS ni ALGO SIMILAR DE ARMAS (pistolas, espadas, dagas, etc.)

  • NO MASKS de ninguna clase

  • NO disfraces de payasos

  • No aparatos electrónicos-i.e. estéreos, radios, reproductores de CDs

  • No transportación con ruedas-patinetas, patines en línea, patines, etc.


Gracias por su cooperación y que tenga un buen Halloween!

NUSD Community Engagement Survey Now Available
La Encuesta del NUSD Sobre el Compromiso de la
Comunidad Está Disponible

The Newark Unified School District (NUSD) is reaching out to its families for ...more

ELAC Meetings

Birch Grove School

English Learner Advisory Committee

What is ELAC?


The English Learner Advisory Committee is a forum in which parents of English Learners can request information, share ideas, promote projects, collaborate with staff, and express concerns.


For both Birch Grove sites, we hold ELAC meetings together, alternating campuses.

Many parents enjoy this time to fellowship and discuss school issues.



El Comité Asesor de los Aprendices del Inglés es una foro en el cual los padres de familia de los Aprendices del Inglés pueden solicitar información, compartir ideas, promover proyectos, colaborar con el personal, y expresar sus preocupaciones.


La junta de ELAC se llevará a cabo con la participation de las dos escuelas (Birch Grove Primaria y Intermedia) alternándose de un sitio (escuela) al otro según las fechas abajo.  Muchos de los padres de familia disfrutan de este tiempo para compartir con otros padres y discutir los temas escolares.


September 30 @ Birch Grove Intermediate

January 20 @ Birch Grove Primary

March 17 @ Birch Grove Intermediate

May 19 @ Birch Grove Primary


**Friday mornings, 8:30 am**

Meeting Room TBD


Classroom Deliveries

In the interest of preserving instructional time, we do not interrupt classes for deliveries or messages during class.  However, we realize that there are times that parents need to get a missing class assignment or lunch to their children.


We have a plan for lunches in place; our campus monitors take the lunch to the cafeteria and deliver them to the students at lunch time.


For those other items (homework, backpacks, etc.) that you would appreciate being delivered to your child, we will place the item in your child’s teacher’s mailbox for them to pick up at recess or lunch.


Thank you for your understanding and helping us to make sure that instruction can go on uninterrupted during the day here at Birch Grove.

Birch Grove Primary Calendar

Birch Grove Intermediate Calendar

Newark Unified School District is holding a Community Engagement Series


  • November 30, 2016; Topic, Why LCAP matters
  • January 25, 2017; Topic, Alumni Success Panel
  • March 29, 2017; Voices of Our Students
  • May 31, 2017; Success Sorties from This Year

All meetings will be a working dinner from 5:30pm-7:30 pm and will be held at Newark Memorial High School in the School Commons. They will also all include dinner, childcare and translation.


  • 30 de Noviembre del 2016; Porque el Presupuesto Escolar del Distrito (LCAP) Importa
  • 25 de Enero del 2017; Grupo Exito Alumni
  • 29 de Marzo del 2017; Voces de Nuestros Estudiantes
  • 31 de Mayo Del 2017; Historiaas de Exito de Este Ano



Todas las reuniones serán una cena de trabajo de 17:30-19:30 y tendrá lugar en Newark Memorial High School en la Escuela de los Comunes. Ellos también incluirá toda la cena, cuidado de niños y traducción.

Quick Links

Information for Families

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Newark Library

Newark Library Announces Change in Hours Beginning January 5, 2015


The Newark Library is pleased to announce new hours of service. Beginning January 5, 2015 the Library will be open Mondays rather than Fridays in order to better serve the residents of Newark.


Our new hours mean that we will be able to offer more programs to serve the school-age youth in our Homework Help Center, Homework Express.  Homework Express will be expanding its hours to include Monday programs in February.  Also, being open at noon on Mondays and Tuesdays will allow for more quiet study time for the public.


Newark Library is located at 6300 Civic Terrace Avenue in Newark. Its friendly staff may be reached by phone at 510-284-0675. The hours of operation are:


  • Monday:              12:00 PM – 8:00PM
  • Tuesday:             12:00 PM – 8:00PM
  • Wednesday:      10:00 AM – 6:00PM
  • Thursday:           10:00 AM – 6:00PM
  • Friday:                 Closed
  • Saturday:            10:00 AM – 5:00PM
  • Sunday:               Closed 


Information on the Library is also available on the Library’s website at www.aclibrary.org.


The Alameda County Library is proud to serve over 546,000 residents.  The Library circulates over 6.7 million items annually, with more than 2.3 million visitors to our website and over 2.5 million visitors walking through our doors.



The Newark Police Department has launched a new Community Notification Service called “Nixle” to help improve communication with people who live, work, and visit our community. The system provides a quick, efficient, and secure way to get neighborhood-level information out to community members who subscribe to the system. Through www.nixle.com, the department will be able to send text message (SMS) and e-mail alerts to subscribers. Notifications might be considered in the following instances:

  • A young child or adult with Alzheimer’s disease walks away from their home. The alert can include a picture of the child or vulnerable adult with a map identifying the area at which they were last seen.
  • A public safety emergency requires people to stay in or remain away from their homes. A Nixle alert can let residents with a registered address in the affected neighborhood know what’s happening, allowing residents to take a proactive role in their own safety.
  • A serious injury or fatal crash in which traffic investigators close down the intersection for several hours during the morning commute. This situation might warrant a notification to subscribers who live or work in the area, encouraging them to select a different route to work.
  • Other uses: Large-scale public works projects, traffic safety implications around large fire scenes, community events such as parades, fireworks, picnics, etc., details about a case of H1N1 (“swine flu”) in the area, city council meeting information, utility outage advisories/boil orders.

The information can be viewed at www.nixle.com but for notifications individuals must register. To register, visit http://local.nixle.com/newark-police-department-ca.

Tips for Going to and From School

* Develop a buddy system for walking to and from school.

* Students should never walk alone.

* Always walk in groups with at least two or three other students.

If possible, parents should walk their children to school.

* Students never take shortcuts or cut through alleys or across

vacant lots.

* Students should try to avoid walking near abandoned houses.

Never enter or play near abandoned houses.

* Students should report anyone suspicious to school

personnel or the police.

* Parents and neighbors should turn on porch lights and

other outdoor Lights before dawn and at dusk.

* Students should be on time, everyday.

* Parents can talk to neighbors and local businesses

on the child's route to school and ask them if it is okay for

the child to stay there in case of an emergency.

* Parents should be sure children know their home phone

number and address, parents’ work and pager number and

The number of another trusted adult.Put a card with this

information in their backpack. Make sure

each child has Change for a phone call or carries a telephone

calling card.

* If a parent works late, have children call as soon as they

arrive at home after school.

* Organize a “conditional carpool” of friends who live near you.